GlobalBackups Inc. is a privately held US corporation with offices in Colorado Springs, New York and Panama. Our online backup servers maintained in secure datacenters throughout North America and Europe are professionally staffed around the clock 365 days a year.

GlobalBackups utilizes the latest state of the art equipment and software to manage our customers' assets to the highest degree possible and regards data safety and security as our primary concern.

GlobalBackups monitors every aspect of its operation and maintains vigilance worldwide to ensure that our customers, networks, servers and business remain stable and secure over the long term. Our network resources are almost limitless and we strive to provide the fastest and most reliable service available to our customers.

At we take data management and integrity to the highest level and we strive to service our customers with the best backup performance they so richly deserve.

Join us, and become a part of a network of professionals that are revolutionizing outsource data management through automated remote data backup technologies. Thank you for looking us over and we hope you will allow us to service your data management needs.


Revolutionizing Outsourced Data Management

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