Backup System Features

         Our engineering team will setup and configure the automated remote backup software on your servers, leaving you free to take care of business

        All data is transmitted using strong encryption

        Powerful on-the-fly compression and decompression permits quick online backups while making an exact copy of your files

        Multiple versions of all files are archived for as long as you want them to be, allowing you to easily undo human mistakes made in the past

        Flexible backup system scheduling (frequency, time of day etc.)

        At least two data storage arrays at geographically distinct locations ensuring your data is always available

        Backup system software client is automatically updated by our technical support team

        Can handle very large data backups of many terabytes or even petabytes

         Immediate offsite storage at secure data centers

         Professional 24x7 monitoring of all backup processes

         No need for any third-party plug-ins or complex configurations

         State-of-the-art security

         Expert professional assistance at any time

         Continuous backup so current data is available to restore


  Restore System Features

         Quick and always reliable data recovery

        Instant access to all your data, no waiting for tapes

        Easy access to all your files through the web, ftp, smb, nfs and more

         Complete systems restores or individual file/directory restores.

         Multiple file versions easily located by date and/or time

         Physical delivery of your data is possible


  Why use outsourced backup services?

         No tapes to purchase, handle, catalog, or store

         No backup staffing and scheduling

         No driving tapes offsite

         No rebuilding files from multiple tapes

         No mechanical or environmentally-induced tape failures

         No backup error messages to decipher

         No one FORGETS to do the daily backup

         No holiday compensation for internal employees to backup your data

         No overhead costs for backup equipment

         No 5 year planning for purchasing NEW backup equipment

         No paperwork hassles with purchasing departments for purchasing backup supplies

         No outside storage costs for backup tape housing

         Free up space in your computer center by eliminating backup equipment requirements

         Free up valuable system resources

         Fiscally sensible and ultimately reliable backup plans for business growth

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